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About Us

At Leadership Collaborations, we strive to understand your business, customers and industry; we then focus on collaborative initiatives to aid in your organization's growth and success. With over twenty years of human resources and leadership experience, we can provide a wide range of in-house or remote services to your organization including:

  • Strategic Planning Initiatives
  • Recruitment of the "Right" Person
  • Compensation and Performance Management Benefits
  • Wellness & Service Programs
  • Development of Corporate and/or Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Review
  • Employee Relations
  • Consultation/Support

Our President, Sue Murphy, has over twenty years of human resources and leadership experience. Her work experiences have spanned such areas as staffing, retention, compensation, benefits, performance management, HRIS, individual/team training and development, leadership development and marketing. She holds an MBA and is an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management and the National Human Resources Association.

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