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Strategic Planning

Without a comprehensive and integrated strategic plan, organizations may find sustained success difficult. It is hard for any organization to predict what will happen in a five year period; looking forward over the next 4-6 quarters may be far more realistic. To be effective, strategic plans have to be more than a written document in a three ring binder on an executive's bookshelf. They have to be working maps to success. Plans that are developed with input from all levels of the organization and effectively communicated are more likely to lead to success as are those that are integrated into the performance objectives of all employees. At Leadership Collaborations, we can guide your strategic planning sessions to:

  • Review your corporate governance structure and practices
  • Develop/refine your mission and vision statements
  • Establish corporate values that will serve as the basis for your organization's culture
  • Analyze your organization from an internal and external perspective
  • Assist with competitive benchmarking
  • Implement ethics and social responsibility best practices
  • Identify strategic initiatives, deliverables, timelines and measures for success
  • Assess employee capabilities, development needs and succession plans
  • Design reward systems to support achievement of results
  • Ensure you are always looking ahead and planning at least a quarter ahead so you have a rolling strategic plan which will enable you to respond to market demands and make necessary adjustments

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