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Culture Development

Organizational culture, simply stated, is the combined morals, beliefs, assumptions and normal behaviors (norms) of the people within the organization. The culture of an organization is heavily influenced by the values, policies and practices of corporate leaders and one’s personal alignment with corporate values. Where alignment is strong, the culture tends to be more energized and results oriented and an entrepreneurial spirit can develop. Barring guidance from corporate leaders, culture may be driven from the bottom up and may or may not compliment the organization’s strategic intentions. Define your organizational culture by:

  • Outlining values as part of your strategic planning process
  • Establishing policies and procedures that ensure compliance with federal and state legislation as well as those which shape the behaviors of all employees and provide guidance to supervisors
  • Implementing the training and coaching needed to drive corporate success
  • Conducting a climate survey to assess employee perception of their work environment and leaders
  • Identifying, communicating and upholding “zero tolerance” behaviors such as discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, breach of ethics, abuse of authority, workplace violence, etc. and related training
  • Effective delegation of duties and authority
  • Ensuring accountability exists at all levels of the organization
  • Understanding the reasons behind employee turnover

Start building your culture of success today; take advantage of our skills and experience to drive the development of that culture.

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