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Supervisor's Training

While some are born with natural leadership traits, for most, leadership skills are learned. We can’t simply promote an individual contributor into a supervisory role and expect them to be immediately successful in that role without providing them with the right development. Even if hiring a seasoned supervisor, it is important to take the time to refresh their skills and educate them on your firm’s way of doing things. Whether a first-time supervisor or a more experienced leader, your team will benefit from our Leading Success series. Pricing for this event is the same whether you chose to deliver it in a three day seminar or via six weekly half-day module; pricing discounts available for training of larger groups. Start your journey to successful leadership today; contact us at 603-888-1132 for pricing.

(can be delivered in weekly half-day modules or as a three day seminar)
MODULE 1: Foundations for Success
In this module, you will learn about applicable federal and state laws that leaders of all levels need to be aware of including EEO, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Pregnancy Discrimination, Immigration, Employee Health and Safety, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, etc. Additionally you’ll learn how to build an ethical culture, address conflicts of interest, establish and enforce a code of conduct and other administrative management initiatives.
MODULE 2: Coaching for Success
This module incorporates discussion of the impact of a leader’s personality on his/her team, influence and motivation theories, stages of team development and the leader’s role in each stage, culture development, planning, organizing, delegation, accountability, active listening, effective communication, responsiveness, maintaining a professional relationship and coaching as a way to manage performance.
MODULE 3: Hiring for Success
In this module, you will learn the value of and approach to team and behavioral based interviewing to help you get the right people in the right seats, legal vs. illegal interview questions, the important of employee orientation, on-going training, the value of stay interviews and ongoing succession planning.
MODULE 4: Compensation for Success
This module incorporates discussion of pay as a motivation and job satisfaction factor, compensation basics, cash and non-cash awards and recognition, and addresses how to tie compensation and benefits components (total compensation) together with company performance to create a win-win situation.
MODULE 5: Measuring Success
In this module you will learn why performance management has to be a year-round process…day to day, week to week, month to month. We will explore various types of performance management systems and discuss how you can use/improve your performance management system to drive the results your firm desires. The importance of establishing SMART objectives, the role of manager as a coach, and the 3D’s of performance management will also be reviewed.
MODULE 6: Environment for Success
This module addresses how the work environment you create can impact your success. Discussions include proactive employee relations, health, safety and wellness, alternative work schedules, shift configurations and managing shift workers, change management and employee assistance.
For those individuals who complete our Leading for Success course, we are available for phone consultation on basic supervisory issues that may arise in the future.

NOTE: In-depth problem resolution and additional training/development priced separately.

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